About Renting

What you should know before renting

Are you considering renting a house? When you rent with us you can rent with confidence and get the most out of your new residence. We have both long-term and short-term rental leases so you can find an option that works best for your situation.

Depending on your situation, we can customize a lease that will meet your needs. We understand that options are critical to executives and professionals. Call our Property Manager: (740) 995.9207 to discuss specific lease details.

Options For You

Committing to a lease for a term of months is more economical for the renter, but for those whose rent is being reimbursed by their employer, and who might have to move again on one days’ notice, daily or monthly rent may be the only viable option. If renting by the month, and if at least two weeks has elapsed, we can prorate your rent based on the daily rate and refund you for unused days.

Fully Furnished Homes

Our daily rental houses come completely furnished, down to dishes and even dish soap. Satellite TV and all utilities except telephone and internet are included. (We find that renters have cell phones and laptops these days.) Daily rates are comparable to mid-price motels. Not all of the homes are in daily rent status at this time.

Looking For A Rental Home

How do I apply to rent a home?
Call Our Office (740) 995.9207

Please call our office to set an appointment to view the property you are interested in. Then you can complete an application. Applications are processed “first come, first served”.

How much is the security deposit?
It varies based on the property

The amount of security deposits vary by property, and are generally 250-500 dollars. If you have an indoor dog or cat you will be asked to pay an extra 200 dollars to take care of our extra cleaning expense.

How long is the lease period?
We specialize in Long & Short term leases

We can rent our homes on lease for a term of months, on a simple month-to-month if you choose, or even by the day!

What amenities are included?
Each location is different

View our online gallery. If you would like to view a property or have questions about features call our Property Manager: (740) 995.9207

Renting From Us

Get started on  your next long-term or short-term lease

Professionals and executives may have different needs when looking for housing. Our flexible leasing options are tailored to suit professionals who may be on the move.
There’s no need to stay in a hotel when you could have all the luxuries of home!

Choices: The best properties go quickly. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to view our properties.

Unique: Our representatives will make sure you get the right property to meet your criteria. (size, location, condition, floor plan, etc.)

Location: Rental opportunities exist in almost every neighborhood and price range.

Style: Guernsey County Rental Properties has a large selection of nice homes to choose from.

Value: We own the homes we rent, unlike most realtors, and can give you more for fewer dollars.


Guernsey County is the “Crossroads of America”

Cambridge, Ohio is home to many feature attractions, golf courses,  parks and lakes. In addition to all of that you can find an area rich in history, arts, entertainment, shopping, dining and special events.

Located at the intersections of I-70 &I-77 it is easy to get to major cities nearby. Catching a concert in Columbus, shopping in Akron, or even hitting the casinos in Wheeling are all within a short distance from Cambridge.

What’s happening in our area?

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About Us

Guernsey County Rental Properties specializes in long-term and short-term rentals of single family and duplex homes in Guernsey county.